@Renardatheauthor @ShanaeHuggins: What i

@Renardatheauthor @ShanaeHuggins: What is your biggest concern with the future? My biggest concern with the future are my children. I am single handedly raising Black Men. I pray every day that they see the struggle and sacrifices I have made to give them a better life than the one I had. I pray every day that they see I only wanted children for this reason, to give them a better life and selfishly lived the childhood I wanted through them. I have designed and created an amazing path for them to follow. As a single mom with now a 19 and 17 year old; that have definitely witnessed what can go wrong when you don’t listen. I can only HOPE that as they continue to grow and go out into this world they take everything that I have shown and taught them and apply it. The way the world is set up today, a part of my biggest concern and fear is not seeing my boys alive and free past the age of 25. I want my boys to know that they can succeed in this world that is most certainly a struggle but it’s fair. I say it’s fair because, if you work hard, stay out of trouble and away from any human that doesn’t bring you any positive vibes, you will get your fair share out of this world and then some. If you apply yourself in this world of the land and the free you can have anything you want. I am living proof of what chasing your dreams, hard work and consistency can do. #thereelwomen #girlboss #women #womenoflight #picoftheday #photooftheday #female #love #film #television #TV #media #art #FilmEquality #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers #empoweringwomen #womenempower #betterhollywood #womendirect #girl #movies #movielover #create #me #happy #ladyboss #bosslady #girlgang #goals http://ow.ly/i/kRpJI

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