@Renardatheauthor @ShanaeHuggins: What i

@Renardatheauthor @ShanaeHuggins: What is a successful moment in your career so far? I have had a few successful moments in my career. The first was walking across a college stage. The second was republishing my book Lies He Told three years apart, three consecutive times in a row!!! 2009, 2012, 2015, and each time I received a different positive response, along with gaining three different type of audiences as well. I am not sure if I am the only African American Female Author to do this with the same book, but I have never heard of anyone Author coming out with the same book, with three different looks, three times in a row!! My third most successful moment in my career was when I became a Real Role Model to my boys and any and every Human that read my book. It is through my story they were inspired. When I go into the schools and see all the young girls that love my book and love and admire me for writing it, is the most amazing feeling. I will tell You My Ultimate most successful moments that I am Living Right Now Are All The Appearances I am Making With My Book Lies He Told and The Web Series That I am Starting In Every Week Called Curveball!! I Play A Crocked Lt. Name Carol Binder A.K.A Lt. Sneaky Binder. I am Having A Blast Working With Writer, Producer and Director Duron Colton, and Co-Stars Sonny Thompson and Robin Carrington, Just to name a Few. It Will Be A Dream Come True When I become Best Selling Author and My First Books Lies He Told pt. 1&2 along with In Love with an Addict and My Books Become Box Office Films. #thereelwomen #girlboss #women #womenoflight #picoftheday #photooftheday #female #love #film #television #TV #media #art #FilmEquality #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers #empoweringwomen #womenempower #betterhollywood #womendirect #HireaMs #movies #movielover #create #me #happy #ladyboss #bosslady #girlgang #goals http://ow.ly/i/kRpKH

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