@krystalvayda: Why did you decide to get

@krystalvayda: Why did you decide to get into this industry? My Godmother worked as a Hair Artist for feature films and I would often visit her on set, being surrounded by the atmosphere behind the scenes at a young age deeply impacted me and I knew it was exactly the industry where I belonged. The creative energy, hustle and bustle and spirit of creative cooperation really inspired me to cultivate my own lifestyle and carve out my own niche in the industry. I also have to attribute my interest in storytelling and television to the smash television show, FRIENDS. I was a teenager when this show burst onto the screen and I was immediately enthralled with what I was seeing; the characters, the witty dialogue and the exceptionally well played roles by the ensemble cast certainly ignited my passion for storytelling and screenwriting. That was it, I was sixteen and certain my path in life was to affect people through storytelling, acting and entertainment. In short, I came to the realization that I was born to be in the entertainment industry and the time I spent on set at an early age came full circle once I took the first step towards creating my own career path. http://ow.ly/i/nzR19


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