@krystalvayda: What is a successful mome

@krystalvayda: What is a successful moment in your career so far? Making the conscious decision to create my own project. A project without help from my family members or business partner (Brandon). Film-making is a collaborative effort that requires a plethora of talents, an army of creatives! But the idea, the internal decision to expand my horizons and to create something totally my own and totally unique was the moment I felt successful. It was realizing that I had gathered my own army of creatives to lead and so I took a leap of faith and threw caution to the wind and crafted the film, CONSULT AND CONQUER. My director/writer, Alexandra Vino, and I jumped head first into this crazy/beautiful journey and created something we could call our own. It was very challenging yet we were brave enough to weather the storm, all for the sake of creating art and our shared passion for film-making. The synergy of our creative vision combined with the resources in our combined network including film veterans Rob Cohen, Nick Cassavetes, Louis D’Esposito, and Mark Johnson allowed me to further expand my talents and seeing our film on screen is a moment I will always cherish.
Krystal’s film, “Consult and Conquer” is having its World Premier at the Chelsea Film Festival! It premieres Saturday October 15 at 11am in the short film series 4. You can buy tickets here: http://www.chelseafilm.org/consult-and-conquer/
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