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@yourethepestseries @frecklysoprano1: What’s a defining moment in your life? There are lots but I’ll pick the one that jumps immediately to mind. When I was 11, I met Julie Harris. She came through town doing a one woman show about Emily Dickinson called The Belle of Amherst. A family friend, Mr. Alexander, had an available comp ticket and gave it to me, knowing how I loved the theatre. I believe he had known Ms. Harris for some years, and so got me into the audience Q&A session with her after the show. I knew she was famous, my mother had told me, but for what I couldn’t really remember. All I knew was that I couldn’t look away from her the entire time she was onstage. In the session after, I raised my hand because I couldn’t turn down the chance to ask the question my mom had told me to prepare. Her handler kept skipping over me every time I raised my hand, probably because I was kid, but I remember Ms. Harris turned and looked right at me and waved him off. I don’t remember what I asked, but it was probably something like “how did you know you wanted to be an actor?” At the time I had just started sixth grade at a performing arts school, and as the new kid, I was getting bullied pretty hard. Freckles and a goofy laugh, coupled with obviously low self-esteem, make you a pretty easy target I suppose. And I remember she came right up to me in my seat and she said “when I was a skinny little thing, maybe 11 or twelve, with red hair and freckles, I knew that it’s what I liked to do….” I kind of blanked out after that because I couldn’t imagine that this amazing woman who did what I liked to do too had ever been like me. But from that moment on, I knew it was possible for me to do anything I put my mind to, whether I looked like a movie star or not. Of course who looks like a movie star at 11? Besides like, Dakota Fanning, but you catch my drift. http://ow.ly/i/pPymP

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