@JenniferASchulz: Why did you decide to

@JenniferASchulz: Why did you decide to get into this industry? I don’t think it was ever a decision I made, more like it made me. When I was really little I started staging elaborate shows for my family and casting my siblings and friends – the works. I did all the middle school and high school plays, sung in the All State Choir, danced in the Nutcracker. I went to college for Theatre Arts, and then graduate school for acting. I remember everyone always grumbled when it came time for ten-out-of-twelve rehearsals, but I was secretly pretty darn excited. You mean I get to sit in a dark theatre for a marathon cue-to-cue rehearsal with all of the coolest, smartest, weirdest and most creative people I know and put this show together? I couldn’t think of another place I ever wanted to be. I found my way to the Alexander Technique through a professor in my undergrad work. My biggest hurdle as an actor was Fear (with the capitol F), and the terrible desire to find the “right way” to play a character or work through a scene. I couldn’t trust that I was enough. One of the things I love about Alexander Technique is that there is no “right”. There is present moment awareness and the space to choose something new, something unexpected that is outside the safe and habitual. But I’m rambling… To answer your question, this industry is full of pockets of my kind of people — people who have an insatiable desire to collaborate together and create something that takes an audience on a journey — the kind of people I couldn’t imagine not having in my life. As an Alexander Technique teacher, I get to support all sorts of individuals in this community and their work, help them to distill down, clarify, and strip away what isn’t necessary to see what is most authentic underneath. #thereelwomen #girlboss #women #womenoflight #picoftheday #photooftheday #female #indiefilm #film #television #filmmaking #media #art #FilmEquality #womeninfilm #femalefilmmakers #empoweringwomen #womenempower #betterhollywood #womendirect #HireaMs #equality #movielover #filmindustry #womenpower #feminism #ladyboss #bosslady #girlgang #womenempowerment http://ow.ly/i/qcZoF

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