@malinbarr: What’s a defining moment in

@malinbarr: What’s a defining moment in your life? Can I do two?
1) Moving to NYC and deciding to go for it, though fears of being far away from home( Sweden) and without family and friends. I did it because I knew it was what I needed to do, to challenge myself and take it to the next level. I love the creativity in NYC and I believe it constantly makes me work harder and stay creative.
2) Last year, when I started writing my short film. I had a moment, where I felt that I needed to stop and take control over my life. I had to start saying no to roles and project I didn’t agree with or respect. Instead, I decided to create my own work and though I was a bit scared and didn’t fully believe in myself as a writer at the time, I started writing my first screenplay. Today I’m proud to say that this story hasn’t just evolved into an amazing film, co-created by my amazing friend and co-writer, Lisa Baron, fully funded though Kickstarter and written about in various press and online magazines, filmed in October 2016 I and now in final post-production,
I’ve also learn incredibly much and grown both as a person and an actress.
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