@malinbarr: What advice do you have for

@malinbarr: What advice do you have for other women in the industry? I would say, follow your heart and dreams but keeps both eyes open. Be smart and somewhat selective and learn how to say no to things you don’t agree with or respect. It’s easy to feel like you have to take everything you get and to work as much as possible to succeed. It’s not about quantity, as much as quality. Otherwise you risk getting yourself into unprofessional or uncomfortable situations.
I’ve been in a few situations myself , where I’ve not felt comfortable on set and not said anything or stood up for myself, because you don’t want to complain or be seen as the diva, the bitch . I regret that now, it’s our right, as people or women or actors, to speak up if something is not done right and you’re not being treated respectfully.
An example, I was shooting a intimate scene in a film and noticed that I was working in a room with only men. It felt unnecessary to me and also slightly uncomfortable. I was debating if I should ask for a women to be in the room or if that would make me seem as an annoying, needy actress. I asked and was met with no negativity, potentially just some negligence of the situation. Everyone that wasn’t needed left and a women working on set joined us on set. I felt so much better and it
wasn’t a big deal. All I had to do was to fight my silly thoughts and concerns and have to courage to speak up.
On another note, I encourage women to write. Write and create your own work, tell you own stories and share your knowledge and experiences. It’ll help to learn more about yourself as well as the process and industry and to feel more in control of your career. Sharing your stories is also valuable to other who have either experienced something similar and can recognize themselves in your story or others who will learn something new from it. http://ow.ly/i/qGHA2

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