@rainykerwin: Why did you decide to work

@rainykerwin: Why did you decide to work in this industry? I’ve known I wanted to work in movies ever since I can remember. And it was specifically MOVIES – not television. In 12th grade, in Winnipeg, Canada, I somehow convinced Mr. Selby to let me do my final class project on old Hollywood, the Gower Gulch and Casablanca. It was probably the only A+ I ever received. The movie theater has always been my church. I love the idea of sitting in a dark room with perfect strangers and going on a journey for 97 minutes. I started taking acting classes when I was 8 years old. And it was acting that originally brought me to LA. But the business of acting is exactly that… A business. There was no creativity in it. There was no control. I was dependent on someone to say, “Yes, you can audition.” or, “Yes, you can act now.” When I discovered writing, I fell in love. I had control again. I was able to be creative and express my voice. From there, I started producing and directing. What is it? Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Yeah… That!
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