@GameBasketballShortFilm: Why did you de

@GameBasketballShortFilm: Why did you decide to get into this industry? I love the way film combines so many different elements: storytelling, performance, photography, design, music, the ability to transport people to new places — geographically, emotionally, intellectually… I’m interested in telling stories and pursuing ideas through films. I also love the collaboration in filmmaking. It’s… Read More @GameBasketballShortFilm: Why did you de

@fragilewildflowerproductions: What is y

@fragilewildflowerproductions: What is your biggest concern with the future? My biggest concern for the future would be humanity losing its empathy. This world seems so divided right now. Especially over what I deem to be important but nonetheless trivial things (like politics, race, religion, sexuality) when you look at the bigger perspective of the ideals… Read More @fragilewildflowerproductions: What is y