Why did you decide to get into this indu

Why did you decide to get into this industry? I’m an author of non-fiction and fiction. I decided to produce, write and direct this film adaptation of my 2015 novel White Nights, Black Paradise with an all-black crew and predominantly black cast of insanely talented actors out of frustration with the parade of white savior/redeemer/villain representations of Jonestown. In 1978, over 900 members (including over 300 children) of the San Francisco-based Peoples Temple church died from a cocktail of cyanide and Flavor Aid in the Guyana settlement named after the church’s white pastor Jim Jones. The majority of those who perished were black women. The short film will be a springboard for a feature length treatment of their stories. Over the past few decades, films like Cry Freedom, Mississippi Burning, Django Unchained and, most recently, the cartoonish Stonewall, have used charismatic white leads to tell histories that should revolve around black folk. Recent portrayals of Jonestown marginalize black women and often omit the intersectional gender politics, queer identities and socio-historical context of the Peoples Temple movement. Doing a film adaption was also an opportunity to showcase underappreciated and underrepresented multigenerational black actresses. Many of the cast hail from screen and stage via Los Angeles’ acclaimed Black theatre company the Robey Theatre, which was founded in 1994 by actors Ben Guillory and Danny Glover. The talented women in my cast are: Aba Arthur, Facebook, Tiffany Coty, Twitter @TiffanyCoty, IMDB, Robbie Danzie, Twitter @msdanzie, IMDB, Latonya Kitchen, Twitter @originalactress, Janine Lancaster, Twitter @actor4god, Dionne Neish, Twitter @busybloom, Facebook, IMDB and Allison Blaize, Twitter @AJB, IMDB. The assistant director is Sheila Jackson of Eveslime productions.
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