What are you working on next? In additio

What are you working on next? In addition, if people want to find out more about you, where can they find you on social media?
You can follow me on:
Facebook and instagram @malinbarr
Twitter: @barrmalin
I’m excited to start the year with a couple project lined up. I’m shooting a pilot pitch for TV, the coming week. A beautiful, strong story set in the 60s, where I play a young musician. I’m also performing in a sight-specific play ‘The Paperdance’’ by Josiah Cuneo at Roulette, Brooklyn Feb 10th. It’ll be a mix of dance, music, film and theatre and I’m very excited.
As for our short film ‘Hedda Needs Help’, me and my Co-Creator Lisa Baron are excited to be in our final steps of post production. We’re looking forward to festival submissions in the beginning of this year 2017. So keep an eye out!
Hedda Needs Help tells the tale of Hedda, an aspiring poet and undying optimist, tasked with watching the most prized possession of Manhattan’s acclaimed poet, Albert Stein: his dog. But when Hedda accidentally kills her big break we find that no one fails quite like Hedda, as she carries the weight of her problems around Manhattan in this all too real comedy gone awry.
Hedda Needs Help was created to show a woman-creative in a male dominated world and how using the stereotypes placed on woman’s sexuality fails for her. As writers, Malin Barr and Lisa Baron wanted to maintain sketch comedy elements through the short film in hopes that they can show the ridiculousness of this Hollywood archetype through this quirky comedy. think this film, though a bit more absurd, tells a story that is more or less like our own and maybe other women creatives.Website: http://www.heddaneedshelp.com
Picture credit: Hunter Boone and Cinematography/screen stills: Patrick Phillips
In photos; Malin Barr and Lisa Baron (Some Patrick Phillips) http://ow.ly/i/qGHRv

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