#question for @lyvimar: Why did you deci

#question for @lyvimar: Why did you decide to work in this industry? #answer: When I was very young, we couldn’t afford cable. Every other weekend my dad would take us to Blockbuster and we’d rent a couple movies or sometimes four. It was always this event, it was a connection. So we would go, we’d pick a movie, we’d watch it, we’d take it back and we’d often talk about the movie, whether we liked it. Some people would like it, some people would hate it. This became our routine for awhile. I remember we started renting the same ones over and over. I think there was a whole month where my sister and I rented “Strictly Ballroom” over and over. We just loved it. There was something so captivating about what these movies did for our family and did for my siblings and I and how they affected us that I started thinking about stories and thinking about how they are presented and what that could be. So from there, when I was in high school, I got to play with the first iMovie that they released on a mac and I really liked the process of making our own silly little films with my friends and putting them together and editing them. Actually, I think the first time I tried to edit a movie was on a VHS player where I’d play it, record it on a VHS tape, rewind, find the new take, record it back on. Putting it together and getting to watch it and show it to people, it was really fun. So from there I thought, well, I want to go to film school, I want to pursue this thing. It was the only thing I felt that much interest in. And from there I went to BYU (Brigham Young University) and got to try editing, got to try writing, got to try producing and loved everything about it and loved the connection and the collaboration and the people and definitely felt like I wanted to keep pursuing it. #blockbuster #routine #strictlyballroom #family #siblings #iMovie #mac #vhs #connection #PuertoRico #film #movies #stories #independentfilm #documentary #television #TV #media #art #editing #writing #producing #collaboration #storytelling #FilmEquality #womeninfilm #womendirect #betterhollywood #thereelwomen http://ow.ly/i/fM4Y6

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