#question for @lyvimar: What is your big

#question for @lyvimar: What is your biggest concern with the future? #answer: I think a lot about where things are moving socially in terms of how certain things have affected certain people in the past and where we are in working towards fixing that or addressing it, kinda with the Blacklives matter movement and with all the civil rights issues. And I think about it on a smaller scale in the film industry, too, where there is more diversity in some areas but things are still very closed off in others. And you still see that old mentality eeking through in some casting decisions like the Matt Damon issue that came out with that TV show. So, I’m concerned about things progressing and changing because they still need to change. We’re not done changing. Sometimes I see things that feel scary, feel like they can stop that change, stop that progression but then there are other times that I see how forward a lot of other things have moved. So I’m very hopeful but also I’m frustrated with how slow things change. #blacklivesmatter #film #movies #stories #independentfilm #documentary #television #TV #ladyboss #ladybosses #bosslady #girlboss #bossgirl #media #art #editing #writing #producing #collaboration #storytelling #FilmEquality #womeninfilm #womendirect #betterhollywood #thereelwomen http://ow.ly/i/fM5kA

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