@julieasriyan: What is a successful mome

@julieasriyan: What is a successful moment in your career so far? Success is a weird concept for me to grasp still, but I’ve been lucky to have a few really wonderful moments in my career that have felt successful. I was in a really memorable production for which I was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role. I was actually pregnant at the time of the run. The combination of the prospect of becoming a new mom and being recognized for my work as an actor at the same time was a really exciting, special time. Last year, my friends, fellow artists Jenna Ciralli, Laura Bray and I created CASTING CALL | THE PROJECT , a web video project addressing sexism in the film industry. It went viral, garnering over 2.4 million views in 4 days – picked up by more than 25 major publications, named “Must Watch Video” by RogerEbert.com – we were everywhere. It was absolutely surreal, massive and really exciting. This project has led to incredible conversations and relationships and has created a sort of baseline for the work I seek and produce as a woman in the arts. With my dear friend, producer Brian Rice, this past year I went on to associate produce and act in my passion project – an all-female cast and crew production of Jane Shepard plays at the Gene Frankel Theater. This year, being deeply affected by the sociopolitical climate, I created and produced my first art exhibit and fundraiser || BOUND ||, to benefit Planned Parenthood of NYC and International Rescue Committee, which was such a great personal success. And most recently, my personal and creative world came colliding – I was honored to have been chosen for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum ” Our City. Our Story.” commercial campaign. To share my story as an immigrant, a refugee, an actor, and New Yorker. The ads are currently all over New York City, in subways, in taxis, on TV…again, surreal. But feels incredibly special. http://ow.ly/i/vCUWu

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