@fragilewildflowerproductions: What’s a

@fragilewildflowerproductions: What’s a defining moment in your life? I’ve had a few defining moments in life…The passing of my father when I was a little girl, my 1st real heartbreak, Hurricane Katrina. Those are some of the things that have been life changing for me. My father passing taught me to love people while you have them. My 1st real heartbreak taught me not to ignore the signs when a person isn’t right for you. Katrina taught me that sometimes things happen and you’ll never understand why and you must persevere regardless. It also taught me that home is in the heart and not to be all tied up in material possessions. Enjoy them but make sure they don’t define you. Literally your home and everything you own can all be gone in the blink of an eye and then what do you do? You keep going on that’s what you do!
Season 1 of my Complexities Web Series debuts March 15th follow FWP’s Social Media platforms to find out where you can view it.
Also, check out the 4 part mini-series out entitled Take Two. Both Complexities and Take Two can be found on YouTube and the website under the name:Fragile Wildflower Productions
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