@tawnytwass @overthehighmoonproductions:

@tawnytwass @overthehighmoonproductions: Why did you decide to get into this industry? I started dancing when I was two and loved performing in plays throughout my childhood. I began at Fordham University at Lincoln Center as a psychology major with the hopes of helping others by learning about behavior and behavior patterns. In my second semester I added theatre classes to my schedule, auditioned for the theatre program, and switched my major to performance. I was drawn to theatre for the same reasons that led me to psychology. I studied why characters do what they do and looked for motivations within human behavior. Life is about good people who stumble, make poor choices, and pick themselves back up when they fall. And we need to ask ourselves why they’ve made these choices. This is being human. This is discovering empathy and compassion. I don’t think an artist can truly be effective without the power of empathy. After finishing the Actor Studio/ New School for Drama graduate program, I began to write applying my instincts as an actor to create well rounded characters. As a writer I want to communicate points of view that could potentially open up another’s world view and maybe encourage conversations around subject matter that people may not want to discuss. From the theatre to film, the arts are an amazing tool. It is our responsibility as artists to present issues that create dialogues that can inspire change. http://ow.ly/i/DYD2t

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