Review of “CLUB RAT$”

Here’s our review on the Time’s Up film, CLUB RAT$ @clubratsmovie – NOW STREAMING on Vimeo! Check out the link in their bio OR here: Even before one of the female crew members state, “We make the rules now,” you already know this is a story of empowerment. With a timely nod to the current #MeToo and #TIMESUP movements when an alarm sounds and a character comments, “Time’s Up”, we are taken into a story where these women are in control of not only their surroundings, but helping the victims of this world. It’s a literal modern day twist on the traditional “Robin Hood” story that sometimes to protect the victim, you need to take things into your own hands.
Writers Jamie Miller (@jamiethemiller) & Danene Montella (@danenemontella), and director Jeni Jones (@jeniannejones), understand how to build a world and give these vigilante characters depth. As a victim of rape is among the gang, the need for justice is personal for each character. And there’s a sense that some drama might unfold between the main four characters themselves as each individual has a different view of what “justice” means. The newbie is a bit hesitant of actually robbing the men. One character has no problem being violent as portrayed by the matching cuts one of the men now dons on his cheek to match hers. Curious to see what else unfolds between the team? I, for one, want to keep watching how each one views justice and how to navigate that in a team.
And, let’s give credit to the filmmakers, producers and Kill The Pig Productions (@ktpproductions) in utilizing filmmaking tools on a low-budget scale. The lighting of the club adds to the seedy world of men getting away with sexual assault while the car headlights literally put these men in the spotlight. Good choices to accompany the theme while being cognizant of costs as filmmakers.
With the end credits listing a phone number for a hotline for anybody who has experienced sexual assault, this series is more important than ever. If anything, as a tool for victims of sexual assault but also, giving a voice to those victims. 
This team also has a fundraiser set up: – ALL proceeds go to RAINN – the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization and are used to help survivors. 
Time’s up, right?

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