It was less a decision and more, a convi

It was less a decision and more, a conviction—a constrained feeling. It was what I was meant to do, whether I thought the journey would be pleasant or not. I wonder if any artist would say their cup was their chosen chalice. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m a creative and for me to compromise that is equivalent to self-destruction. The fabric of me has always been laced with a very deep interest in writing, film and photographs. I remember writing short stories to my mom as young as 1st grade, being obsessed with movies and flipbooks and making up dramatic scenes with my sister for our Barbie dolls to act out. One summer, our Barbie entourage had a drama series going on—there was always some melodramatic cliff hanger for the next time we played with our Barbies, a “to be continued” storyline and it always involved Ken’s car going over the cliff (the side of the coffee table) and he’d somehow find his way back to life the next time we played. I guess that was my first try at creating my own film, my own television series.
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Photo: Self Picture
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