@TabathaMudra @1310Bandits: What’s a def

@TabathaMudra @1310Bandits: What’s a defining moment in your life? After college, I jump-started into the commercial market (because school loans, rent, car, and the american way) and soon found that while my bank account was filling up with financial success, I felt quite empty. To counter this feeling I started creating cause based passion projects where I felt something for the concept, I saw the angle and I wanted to do everything I could to tell the story. Passion meets purpose love story in a career.
Bathroom scene. On a road trip in 2007, I entered a rest stop bathroom. Scene; a young gender fluid female, wearing a tank top and board shorts sporting a short hair-cut. Enters, middle-aged woman holding a young girls hand (say age 4-6) and the woman says “Is this the ladies room?!? It looks like a man is in here!” This prompted quite a toilet talk dialogue. Later becoming a photo-essay on the experience of being androgynous or gender neutral.
Check out the screening of, “Kali Mah Tina”: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kali-mah-tina-film-screening-tickets-44603729957
Not in the area but want to support? Donate to their campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/48-day-feature-film-making-magic?rcid=2711497a820b42a7a86c426cfb800ea4
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