@VictoriaAO87: What advice do you have f

@VictoriaAO87: What advice do you have for other women in the industry? Stop alienating other women and trying to hold others back, we aren’t each other’s enemies or rather we shouldn’t be. If we want to be treated equally, then that begins with us, regardless of backgrounds, coming together. How can we expect to be treated equally if we can’t treat each other that way? Most of the time, women are each other’s biggest enemies and it’s time for that to stop. We’ll move further if we can work together and stop trying to force each other out or silencing another woman because she doesn’t agree, often times over issues that have nothing to do with the project.
#thereelwomen #HireaMs #harrypotter #platformnineandthreequarters #owl http://ow.ly/i/KNsvs


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