@Gabriellakashi @inkeatonslemongarden: W

@Gabriellakashi @inkeatonslemongarden: What is your biggest concern with the future? My biggest concern for the future is the workspaces I will be placed in, especially as a woman in film. On both small and large scale sets, I have been treated with disrespect or have been made uncomfortable by my male colleagues. It worries me that this may never change throughout my career, as there are risks of being blacklisted if I were to call them out. I definitely have felt very small when these things occurred, however, I have learned better ways of calling these men out in action.
Link to the crowdfunding campaign: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/in-keatons-lemon-garden#story
#crowdfunding #womeninfilm #independentfilmmaking http://ow.ly/i/KNvyF


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