@Tuff_Waffles: What, if anything, do you

@Tuff_Waffles: What, if anything, do you collect? I try my best not to collect too many things these days but I definitely have a history of being a collector. The first thing I remember collecting was rocks and I sort of still do this. I don’t know why! Sometimes I just pick up a little rock that catches my eye and I bring it home. Same for sea glass, sticks, pinecones, and other interesting natural objects. I think I am always trying to bring the outdoors inside. I think some people would also say I collect cats, haha. My wife and I foster through the Burbank animal shelter so with the three we already have at home it can feel like there are a lot of cats in the house. We have big hearts though and we wouldn’t have it any other way. #animation #disney #womeninfilm #womeninanimation #catsofinstagram http://ow.ly/i/KYuTu


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