@Gabriellakashi @inkeatonslemongarden

1) Why did you decide to get into this industry?
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I decided to work in the film industry at a pretty young age. I had always admired the little stories I found myself getting into since the age of 10 and had always written them down and made very DIY short films. Somewhere in high school, I really decided filmmaking was the only thing that keeps me inspired and I haven’t stopped creating since!
2) What’s a defining moment in your life?
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A defining moment in my life would definitely be the first time I saw a film of mine being played at a festival. It got a shoutout from one of the festival heads afterwards and was just one of the most surreal moments of my life. Seeing the faces of the audience watching something I created was crazy.
3) What is your biggest concern with the future?
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My biggest concern for the future is the workspaces I will be placed in, especially as a woman in film. On both small and large scale sets, I have been treated with disrespect or have been made uncomfortable by my male colleagues. It worries me that this may never change throughout my career, as there are risks of being blacklisted if I were to call them out. I definitely have felt very small when these things occurred, however, I have learned better ways of calling these men out in action.
4) What is a successful moment in your career so far?
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A successful moment in my career would be when my previously mentioned film was shown at a festival in Philadelphia for the first time. It received laughs and gasps, and was overall very exciting for me.
5) What advice do you have for other women in the industry?
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Some advice I can give for women in the industry would be to not let any man make you feel small. You are there which means you know what you are doing. Do not let a man ’teach you things’ that you already know! 
6) What, if anything, do you collect?
Mail Attachment 6.jpeg
I collect neat mugs! I’m a sucker for pottery.
7) What are you working on next? In addition, if people want to find out more about you, where can they find you on social media?
Mail Attachment 3.jpeg
People can find me on Instagram @Gabriellakashi. I’m directing a short film in Italy this Spring, titled In Keaton’s Lemon Garden (also on Instagram: @inkeatonslemongarden) and I couldn’t be more excited.
Link to the crowdfunding campaign: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/in-keatons-lemon-garden#story

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