@chantelclark: What advice do you have f

@chantelclark: What advice do you have for other women in the industry? I think I still need advice rather than being in a place to hand it out, but some advice I had to give myself is to find a way to deal with rejection. The year after I graduated from my MFA was one of the hardest years of my life. I couldn’t travel out of the US and I desperately wanted to go home to visit my grandmother who was very ill. Some days I would get three or four rejection emails, whether it was for festivals, competitions and labs, or even jobs. It almost didn’t seem worth being so far away from home. Giving up wasn’t an option so I decided I needed to take a practical approach to dealing with hearing a “no”. Depending on how big the opportunity is or how much I want it, I allow myself a mourning or wallowing period to feel bad about it. When that period is over, I have a pact with myself to get back to work. Something I’m also disciplined about is paying it forward. If I get a recommendation or someone does me a favor, I try to do the same for a fellow filmmaker.
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