@jackiesinlove @blindfoldstories @theoftenforgottenfilm: What’s a defining moment in your life?


Can we amend this sentence in the answer of the second question to: As I mentioned, finding my voice was a 32-year long journey. In 2019, I felt the call to share my own story, after years of sharing the stories of many other beautiful humans through documentary film and my storytelling platform blindfoldmag.com. I worked with a speaking coach, Eduardo Placer of Fearless Communicators, who motivated me to speak my truth in front of an audience. It was very surreal, and quite transformative in my personal growth. Doing this opened up a new layer of compassion to have for myself, and also for the audience members who identified with the pain I was recounting in my story. After that experience, I felt as though the weight of those traumas became less intensified. I realized that I had likely gone through those experiences and eventually would do the healing work around them to then help others use their voices to share their stories.

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