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Hey everyone,
Something I’ve been thinking a lot about is how to find that content that I really like when there is sooooo much content out there. There are plenty of “top” lists but those don’t always work for me. So I was excited to receive an email from Narrative Muse about this great service they are providing. Here’s a bit more about it:
Join a team of passionate people determined to disrupt the entertainment industry and transform the media landscape. At Narrative Muse, we’re tired of dismal statistics about representation in film and publishing, and we’re doing something about it. We’ve created a recommendation matchmaker that curates perfect-for-you stories by and about women and non-binary folk.
When you sign up to Narrative Muse, you’re doing more than just receiving custom book and movie recommendations. You’re supporting women and non-binary storytellers, you’re telling content producers what you want to read and watch, and you’re helping to create more of the stories you crave. In short, you’re changing the game. Discover books and movies you’ll love. It’s free. And be part of the representation revolution. Together, we can transform film and publishing for good.
How it works / what we do:
As a user, you simply fill out a quick survey about your taste, how you want to feel, and things you wish to avoid, and we give you suggestions of new titles to read and watch. If your taste changes tomorrow, just update your mood for new recommendations – easy!
But you’re not just checking out recommendations – you’re also supporting underrepresented storytellers, telling content producers what you want to read and watch, and helping to create more of the stories you crave.
Info on getting your content into our matchmaker: 
(The link will take you to this form in case you want a heads up on the sort of info we need from creators:
We’re after films that are readily available to audiences in multiple locations, e.g. via streaming platforms or (one day!) theatre release. Our curators have day jobs and our tech team is small, so we don’t really have timelines for when it will be included. However, we do have a paid curation option if a creator has a budget and a timeline (it’s currently full until May) and wants their work in quickly – if someone is interested in that, they can just put a note in the last question on the form. 🙂
And just in case anyone is a multi-threat who dabbles in books too, here’s that info: 
Ashley Pacini
The Reel Women

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