@jadefevertv: Why did you decide to get into this industry?


I have always enjoyed telling stories, and I began my career in journalism, writing stories about real people and real issues. After ten years as a reporter, I was looking for a new challenge and at that time TV documentary / factual series were starting to really boom in Canada, so I decided to give this genre a shot. I’ve never regretted that decision as I enjoy all aspects of making documentary TV series, from working with the cast and camera people in the field, to running the post-production department and collaborating with story editors and editors. In documentary series like Jade Fever we get to follow intriguing people, with really unique but tough jobs, and watch how they rise to each challenge, and deal with every success and failure along the way. It’s also taken me to remote places like Jade City, BC, nestled in the Cassiar Mountains near the Yukon Border, where bears, moose and caribou wander; and the Two Mile Jade Mine, a five hour trek from Jade City on a rugged and winding dirt trail that takes you high above the treeline into wilderness teaming with pristine lakes, rushing rivers and gorgeous vistas.

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