@narrative.muse: What is your biggest concern with the future?

RW3 - silhouette

My biggest concern is that every rule that I understood about the world is broken. What and who are we anyway? I only figured out yesterday that this life is just one giant battle with ourselves. And that kind of thought only comes from living in isolation for 6 weeks. I have mixed feelings about the future. I think this is one of the most tragic moments in human history. And it’s also one of the most formative. Where we are in a year’s time is impossible to know but if there was ever a time to create each and every one of our personal realities as we want them, and to co-design our futures, this is it. Narrative Muse is my way of designing the future I want. One where people of all genders can have their book and movie-geeking say about the content that’s created and distributed.


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