@thecriolamum: What advice do you have for other women in the industry?

Cristina book 1

My advice for other women in the industry, is to tell their stories, create their narratives, and to not be afraid, transfer your inner voice to your stories, show the world your unique ingredients and who you are.  We live in a world that we can visually see that blackness is trending, and it is cool to see a black character on the television. But what is not could, is our stories being told only in the 3rd person and not in the first person. Blackness should not be a capitalism tool, but a permanent narrative.  I advise other Black Female directors, to change the game, by rejecting the negative stereotypes and invest in more healing and self-love narratives.The media industry is such a competitive field, and when we have the intersection of being female and Black, we need to work even harder. But don’t give up. Never underestimate your professionalism and creativity; don’t feel intimidated by the defeating comments. Always Believe in yourselves, don’t be afraid; As Audre Lorde’s said, “Your silent  will not protect  you”, so speak loudly and let the world hear you.


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