@Missmadhatter005: What is your biggest concern with the future?

My biggest concern for the future is how do we make space for all the underrepresented voices. Especially as we lose access to some old platforms and ways of viewing content. We must embrace the new streaming platforms, mourn the death of the movie theatre as we know it and evolve the film festival. My peers recently published an open letter to Hollywood in Deadline on how to get more BIPOC stories on screen and part of that evolution is making sure these production companies stop saying some projects are too small for them. From watching content out there you would think there were three types of Latinos in the world or that every South Asian American experience was the same as Mindy Kaling’s because unfortunately representation for whole groups of very different people of the same demographic fall on the shoulders of a few again and again and that same portrayal makes those communities feel misunderstood. We need to have just as many iterations of our stories told as has been allotted to white men and women. 


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