@itskristinathomas: What is a successful moment in your career so far?

Shit, staying consistently employed. All jokes aside, at most, I’ve been unemployed at least a month out the year despite the freelance life of being a writer. But seriously, I think it was when I was at my lowest. I was living in New York after losing a PA job; I only got to work one day. I flew from Oakland after my parents basically disowned me for this PA job. My friend let me stay at his apartment and I took it upon myself to take odd craigslist jobs and apply to contests. For jokes and giggles I applied to this contest to pitch a reality series. I spent a week in New Orleans rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina and filmed it, me and over 500 Howard students. Not only did I win the $50,000, direct it in New Orleans but the Reverend Jessie Jackson presented me with the news when I was flown out to Los Angeles.


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