@realpbread @mistressredfilm: What’s a defining moment in your life?

A defining moment is when I wrote my short film The Daily Life of Mistress Red. Writing a script about an indigenous dominatrix who whips white supremacists was definitely freeing. It helped me unleash truths I’ve been shy about and also showed me that I have my own voice. I wrote the script out of frustration with the political climate. I wrote this script to talk about my life as an indigenous woman but ultimately in this moment I realized who I was writing for. I wasn’t writing for myself, I was writing for other indigenous women who never had the chance to be seen in the media. In film, native women are always raped, abused or have a part as a mother, aunt or grandmother. I want people to know that we are so much more than statistics or relatives, we’re strong, resilient and beautiful people.


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