@iris.cine: Why did you decide to get into this industry?

Cinema is an art that moves me deeply. A spiritual relationship. I can better understand the world and myself in contact with the cinematographic language. I’ve been fascinated by audiovisual and creating stories since I was a child. For the possibility of creating worlds, changing worlds using the tools of cinema. I have been working with editing and documentary for over 16 years. I am passionate about archival images and personal records. Working in this “gold mine” within these movements, I keep discovering references and influences for my creative processes. It’s as if the footage I’m looking for is looking for me too. I think a lot about this motivation and how to share the outcome of this search, how to return the result of this encounter to the world through another cinematic narrative. I think and relate to Cinema, seeing cinema as an art that contributes in a powerful way to the construction of the sense of history, collective history. I develop research about photography and poetry, documentary, experimental cinema, contemporary art, media activism, politics, and black cinema. it is so important to create connections and rituals with everyday poetry.


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