@ShaylaRacquel: Why did you decide to get into this industry?

I had many moments in my life from grade school through adulthood that drew me to considering filmmaking as a career, but I believe it was after graduating from college that solidified it as no longer a choice, but a will. I was about 22 years old working IT helpdesk support in Washington, DC, and though I had spent my collegiate years using videography as a side hustle and creating commercials and promotional materials for organizations and businesses on and off campus, I was no longer doing anything in film and I was gravely unhappy about my circumstances. I wasn’t sure how to kickstart my career, so I wrote a webseries about the quarter life crisis entitled “Quarter Century,” and a few friends got together to help me produce it. Writing, directing, and editing that webseries made me realize that creating and being on set was a happy place, and I knew from that moment on that I had to do whatever it takes to become a filmmaker. I used the series to get into film school, and after many highs and lows, obstacles and triumphs, it all led me to where I am today.


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