@giugliett500: What advice do you have for other women in the industry?

In the Italian cinema industry there is a way of saying about the “message” of a film – “The postman carries the messages”. It exemplifies our disenchanted way of looking at life, and movies as well. A film is not supposed to preach or give life lessons, but needs to be compelling and entertaining. I feel the same way about advice, who am I to give any? I leave it to the professionals – therapists, priests… I can say one thing though, and it’s mostly to myself, though I assume other women filmmakers might struggle with the same issue. I believe that letting perfectionism stand in the way is a capital sin. It’s important to always make new projects. Shying away from your own work and not finishing it because it might not be good enough is a defeat in itself, thus I look forward to putting more imperfect projects out into the world.


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