@alexisnoelle47: Why did you decide to get into this industry?

I decided to work in the industry because as a little kid I was always intrigued by the entertainment industry but never knew it could be something I could pursue as a career, so I started to keep track of the shows and films i enjoyed, with that I made a list of actors to follow so I can study their performance. One time my family and I were indulging in our Friday movie night and I was able to recognize and name a least 4 actors in the film, my mom asked me how do you know all these actors? I told her about how I had the list and she was like, I think you should get into the film and television industry. I attended schools that catered a pathway for entertainment production. The only issues i was having with this industry specifically in the casting department was that there was not a lot of people of color that I related to. As a Casting Director or Casting Assistant I want to make sure that I am pushing real diversity to the forefront of any project I have the opportunity to work on.


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