Photo: Jaclyn Bethany by Grace Pickering

Photo: Jaclyn Bethany by Grace Pickering
What are you working on next? In addition, if people want to find out more about you, where can they find you on social media? I am currently fundraising for my first feature film Indigo Valley on Kickstarter. We are shooting a proof of concept/short version shooting in July in Iceland, and this is what we are fundraising for specifically. I wrote, directed and will be acting in it as well. It is the most raw, exciting, challenging thing I have ever written. It was developed with various programs at the Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festivals, and we are currently in the process of attending and submitting to other finance and pitch competitions. Help us meet our goal! The link is here:
After this, I am also working on an experimental film project called The Last Birthday inspired but the last day of the Romanov sisters with my good friend actress and poet Greta Bellamacina and co-writer Sofia Drummond Moore. The next major project is my AFI thesis film The Delta Girl (co-written with Natalie Zimmerman) which will shoot next year. The Delta Girl is an interracial love story set at the height of the Civil Rights Movement at a Mississippi girls school in 1964. When I describe it to my friends they say “oh that’s the film you’ve been wanting to make forever.”
Other than that, this summer I will be performing in a production of A Bright Room Called Day directed by a wonderful friend and collaborator C.C. Kellogg. The show opens this June in the U.K., and I’m hopefully directing another reading of an exciting play in London in July. I’ll be working on a few other workshop theatre productions later in the year including Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp, which will perform site specifically at a gallery in L.A. (and eventually (hopefully!) in Amsterdam) in December.


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