@alexiaanastasio: Why did you decide to

@alexiaanastasio: Why did you decide to get into this industry? When I was 11 years old I knew with all my heart that I wanted to be an actress, 16, do film versus theater and 17 years old, make films as my art. I was shy and my mother put me into acting classes and that is when I saw that it was an option. When I was 16 years old I entered professional acting classes at Stella Adler in NYC and got the confidence that I was good enough then realized after starring in a silent film that I wanted the family feeling that making a film gave me from working behind the scenes to put together the set, costumes to the performance. When I entered SUNY Purchase I started taking film history classes and got involved in making short films, enrolling in internships on the weekends and summers at film festivals, distribution companies and for a director. Those experiences were crucial in forming my vision of the industry. I saw that it took only a small team to run and create a festival, feature film and even distribute films across the U.S.
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