@joannapickering: What’s a defining moment in your life?


All my personal defining moments have come from failure—in my ability to re-generate at this point, in getting back up and starting again, or trying something another way. There is still a dialogue in rejection, because if you listen you are being told what someone does not want. That is still a basis for a good working relationship. If you can adapt it can prove valuable. Adjusting is an essential part of the work for an actor-director relationship, and as filmmakers we deal with more rejection than anything else so it is an important skill. A defining moment in my career is to be nominated at NY Webfest 2019 for my debut screenplay for best film and best mystery suspense film, and being selected at Catalyst Content festival in 2018 for an HBO sponsored top five broadcast of my short play. I loved writing fade out on my TV pilot for the first draft of my series. It went straight in the bin, rightly so, but it dawned on me this world of make belief is my job. Like acting, it’s not a bad grown up job. I can handle it and it makes me happy. To be defined by something that makes you happy and that you can do well—that is the dream.


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