@joannapickering: What is a successful moment in your career so far?


I am now eligible for an artist Green card. This is the result of years of grueling hard work. It is a really big moment as it opens up the next chapter on the same platform as American actors and filmmakers and bigger studio auditions. There is no faking it. I am immensely grateful to everyone that has made this journey possible—my films in post production with star cast, my press, the festivals and my award nominations and official selections. It is a major achievement for any independent artist. I am a multi-hyphenated artist as a writer, actor, jury president, and women’s activist. It’s a lot of work. Signing with 3 Arts Entertainment was a key component to my success as they have sponsored my talent in US across the board for acting and literary. When you have a top tier Hollywood talent agency behind you, things start happening, but we have been waiting for getting through the red tape. I’ve lost a TV break role to this extra paper work, so when I was informed it was happening, it felt that everything could now come into focus. I can be in US and do my creative work on the full platform it deserves. I am excited.


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