@joannapickering: Where can people find out more about you on social media? What is next for you in your career?


Where can people find out more about you on social media? What is next for you in your career? More of the same passions: acting and writing! I made a pilot performing as a principal character for a series called “Street Smart.” It is about the opioid epidemic. A play I wrote was read with academy award screenwriter/director Bobby Moresco at his workshop. He compared it to Harold Pinter’s Dumb Waiter. We are chatting about casting and directing with Amanda Moresco and rehearsals will start in January. My full play just finished a rewriting scholarship at the Dramatist Guild (as one in eight picked). I have two plays in workshop sessions with my theater ensemble under the guidance of artistic directors Paul Calderon and David Zayas. My TV series has Phil John, Downtown Abbey and Marvel director supporting on my series bible and interest from a Games of Thrones actress for my lead, so I am working very hard towards writing fade out on my final draft. I used to think you couldn’t put a deadline on creativity. I was wrong. Now, I love deadlines. They get the job done. So, on that note, thank you so much for chatting with me and giving females in film this networking opportunity. For future collaborations, like having me in your writers room or movie—you can find me on:

Twitter and instagram @joannapickering

My latest films on imdb from my small role in Danny Boyle and Nick Moran film Creation Stories to principal cast in Alice Fades Away with William Sadler (Green Mile), Blanche Baker (Handmaid’s Tale) and Paxton Singleton (The Haunting of Hill House) http://www.joannapickering.com


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