@narrative.muse: What’s a defining moment in your life?

RW2 - tea on the steps

The day I accidentally landed in New Zealand. I use ‘accidentally’ liberally because I had no idea where we were going. My ex convincingly wanted to go to this island nation but at the time, I couldn’t tell you where it was on a map. It’s embarrassing but true. I blame all of my social studies teachers for making us learn all 50 US states but nothing about the world. I learned on the flight that there were two main islands and we were going to land on the North one. The thing is, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of human and I really don’t like knowing where I’m going before I get there. This way I can take in what I’m seeing and feeling with fresh eyes. So, more than a decade ago, I landed in the most extraordinary paradise called Aotearoa and I’ve lived here ever since. There are no words for its magic.



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