@de227: What’s a defining moment in your life?


Great question. Well, if you consider the Black Lives Matter movement a defining moment, it made me realize that as a Black Film Producer, Director and Writer, I want to do more and produce more films that promote diversity as well Black businesses that are within the Film medium. Aside from Film Producing, I’m a Digital Media and Filmmaking Teacher at Orange High School in Orange, NJ. My main focus is helping students achieve their dreams and to provide the resources and skills that need to pursue a career in Film production. One defining moment would be when I was asked to be a Judge for the NYC Women’s Fund in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been in the business for 10 years, and I realized how much I’ve grown. I’ve been asked to be a Judge as well as a panelist many times in New York and New Jersey, but at that moment, I felt proud. Seeing wonderful female filmmakers being considered for financing their next project, because 10 years ago that was me and 10 years ago they didn’t have the resources that they do now for Women Filmmakers. I’m so happy and honored to be in a position to provide those resources as a producer for my production company PL Entertainment.

Photo by Chris Cook


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