@thewittygirl: Why did you decide to get into this industry?

All my life I have wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first short story at the age of 10 and I was published for the first time at 15. But it wasn’t until I went to college that I learned that TV writers make the most money and have the most power out of any other creative writer. So, I immediately was drawn in and dedicated to learning the craft of pilot writing. 

In addition, I have been acting and directing in theatre since the age of 15 as well and the idea of being able to bring more representation to the screen appealed to me. I grew up in a very multicultural neighborhood, and some of my friends had never even seen a character like themselves on TV outside of SVU, I knew I wanted to change that. Not to mention, being a black actress in theatre, I always felt like a burden to the white people casting because I knew they struggled with figuring out where I should fit in (because obviously, I couldn’t be the lead as a black girl), I just wanted that notion to end. 


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