@kingviktoria: What’s a defining moment in your life?

A defining moment in my life was when I learned about the power of art & its impact. I was involved in art in different aspects, never drawing a thread amongst them all; I am a classically trained pianist, singer, dancer and actress. I was being taught craft and discipline in a serious manner but never knew how to do any of those things “for fun” or understand each of their potential impacts on an audience; until, I began watching films quite obsessively. 

Films opened a door for me that allowed me to see the broader influence & exposure that art has. All of a sudden, I heard music differently, saw people differently, cultures differently, etc.. It opened up my perspective as though my eyes and hearing had been clogged before. Its lens was the bridge that taught me nuances, vulnerability, cinematic perspectives and how bold & powerful great stories can be and how much representation the visuals can provide for others to feel seen. 


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