@creativittea: Why did you decide to get into this industry?

When I was growing up, I used to act alongside the tv shows and films that were playing in my room. Unconsciously, that fueled my love for performing. When I started college, I was a dance major at Valdosta State University, but soon after (and quite frankly prior) I wasn’t satisfied just only dancing. I wanted to be in theater, I wanted to act, I wanted to play. I wanted a change of environment, and I needed a way to put all my passions together and pursue all of them and not just one. But already knowing the world of theatre through dance was a concern on whether or not I would be learning enough more; however, the world of film is so familiar yet so vastly different. I was always interested in how movies were made and how hundreds of movies came out each year, more so every week and possibly every day are created. So while I did the Disney College Program in the ladder half of my freshman year, I decided to pursue film in the city and transfer to Georgia State University.


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