@creativittea: What’s a defining moment in your life?

Earlier this year, in a span of 9 days, I was working, auditioning, booking, and rehearsing for a plethora of short films, commercials, scouting locations, and opening and closing a short play. In that week, it was the busiest I was ever since the start of the pandemic after the god-forsaken year of 2020. When I look back at it, I see it as a testament to the many fields and variety of things I wanted to do in my career all coming together and not only showing me but certainly testing me that it’s possible. I was definitely seeing which things no longer served my life and no longer needed to be a part of where I wanted to go within my career. It opened my eyes, my body, and my soul into showing that everything I want to do in my career will eventually tie together.


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