1) Why did you decide to get into this industry?

Question 1.jpg

As a kid I always knew I wanted to do something in the arts. The thought of clocking in at a desk job and working 9-5pm gave me anxiety and seemed like such a mundane life. I attended Arts High School in Newark, NJ because I wanted to be an actress. I liked being creative but it didn’t seem like the right fit. My junior year of high school the acting students was placed into a television production class. I nominated myself to be the director of our school talk show and that’s when I discovered my true passion. I liked being the driving force behind the visuals and the narrative. I found myself creatively.


2) What’s a defining moment in your life?

Question 2.jpg

A defining moment in my life was not a singular event but a series of moments. They followed one after another, kind of like a shit storm. Lol! I was not selected as a NBC Page after cursing during my interview. On Saturday I got into a really bad car accident, my life was spared but I lost my car. On Monday I got fired from my customer service job and 2 weeks later I learned I was pregnant with my first child. I was 24 and looking forward to starting my career. After crying for 30 days straight, I decided that none of this meant my dreams were over and l will continue my journey no matter what.


3) What is your biggest concern with the future?

Question 3.jpg

My biggest concern for the future is that my Black sons will grow up in an environment where the world still view them as a threat.


4) What is a successful moment in your career so far?

Question 4.jpg

My most successful moment so far is finally producing a documentary on a man who is very dear to my heart. He was my 5th grade teacher and has made a great impact on my community. This politician and his activist father are well known for their progressive ideas and fighting for the people. I originally pitched the doc idea to another production company. That company passed on a network deal because they didn’t offer “enough money” (male egos got in the way). I thought this story would never be told. I’m glad to see it to the finish line and hoping for a Sundance premier in 2020.


5) What advice do you have for other women in the industry?

Question 5.png

My advice is to always be your authentic self. This industry will make you doubt your creativity, your capabilities and everything else. Always be you and if they don’t offer you an opportunity, fuck em’ and create your own!


6) What, if anything, do you collect?

Question 6.jpg

When I was in high school I used to collect the quarters with the different states on them. I was really into it but it was hard not to dip into my stash when I was in desperate need of money.


7) What are you working on next? In addition, if people want to find out more about you, where can they find you on social media?

Question 7.jpg

I want to keep defying odds and doing things people believe I can’t do. This industry tries to confine you to a box or a list of credits. My creativity will not be contained. My next project is to use film and create an interactive art experience dedicated to the black woman experience. Also, create a feature film produced by @michaelbjordan my former high school classmate (I hope). A girl can only dream. Lol! I can be found on IG & Twitter @hollywoodrebel_

Reel  – https://youtu.be/LussRKJrr9Q

Warrior – https://youtu.be/fIQKqpAgFxA







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